Center for Conscious Aging


Conscious Aging is an emotional wellness program designed to offer mature adults the ability to meet the challenges and opportunities of aging with an open and accessible heart.

About Conscious Aging

Growing older requires our strongest inner core to meet its challenges – and thrive. However, it is also an opportunity for spiritual, emotional and psychological growth.

Over the past five years, The Center for Conscious Aging has been developing programs for mature adults to address these challenges and opportunities. We have found that mature adults are yearning to engage in dialogue together on these issues. They are looking for guidance, connection, and community to help fortify themselves for their mature years. 



Workshops & Seminars

Conscious Aging Workshops and Seminars guide participants through the meaning of positive aging in a group support format. They provide the skills needed to confidently grow and build a life of meaning and purpose.



Presentations and Trainings

Presentations on topics related to Conscious Aging. Also, trainings for those who seek to understand the developmental stages of aging in order to best support the activities and programs that best meet these needs



Personal Growth Groups

 On-­going facilitated  personal growth  groups that allow the participants to explore their personal goals and challenges. These groups lead participants in reflection and self expression.


Quality of Conscious Aging Programs

Research Based -- The basis for all programs are taken from the latest research in the fields of gerontology, education, psychology, spirituality and neuroscience. We’ve used this information to inform our understanding of the developmental needs of older adults and how to best facilitate one’s growth toward greater purpose, meaning and pro-social behavior. 

Time Tested -- Our programs have been tested over the past five years in many different settings including community centers, libraries, health fairs, independent and assisted living communities, churches and private practice groups. The programs also work well in many diverse socio-economic and racially diverse group settings.



• Understand what it means to MATURE and find value in new roles
• CULTIVATE increased vitality
• Reflect on what has given HEART and MEANING to  our lives
• Discover renewed PURPOSE to guide new goals
• EXPLORE unexaimined, self-limiting beliefs and stereotypes
• Make better and more conscious CHOICES
• Develop SELF-COMPASSION to cope more effectively with change, worry, and stress
• Enhance CONNECTIONS and reduce isolation from others by understanding our shared humanity
• Reduce fear and increase ACCEPTANCE in the presence of death and dying for ourselves and others
• Create a NEW VISION for aging


"So much I have been feeling, thinking and experiencing for quite sometime and unable to express. This past year was the most difficult, painful and challenging of my life. Only very recently after your course have I felt a breath of hope. I would like to continue in this more positive way of conscious aging and would like to continue to meet."

Program Participate, May 2018